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Dog rescued after being tied up and gang raped in South Africa – Nigeria News



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A dog which was tied up and gang raped by some men in South Africa, has been rescued by a good Samaritan.

Dog rescued after being tied up and gang raped in South Africa  lailasnews

The dog is expected to receive care at the  Matlosana Animal Shelter, where it was discovered that the animal had extensive injuries on her private part. Matlosana Animal Shelter wrote on Facebook;

GANG RAPED: This Boerboel was brought to Matlosana Animal shelter this morning by a Good Samaritan. She has extensive injuries to her private parts. The Good Samaritan saw the gang rape taking place and saved her. I know we are all upset but please refrain from any derogatory comments. We are doing this post to ask for help with her vet’s account and aftercare. We are not posting the gory pics. Help us show her that not all humans are monsters.

Dog rescued after being tied up and gang raped in South Africa  lailasnews 1

A similar incident occurred few years, after a  32-year-old man from the Clinton section in Motla Village near Hammanskraal, Tshwane, South Africa, was arrested for allegedly raping a dog belonging to his friend, Shela Molema. 

According to the report, Molema had caught the man red handed with her dog in his bedroom but he tried to hide the animal which jumped into its owners arms. Though the man told the police that Shela’s accusation was false, investigations revealed the dog’s hair were found on his bed.

He was promptly arrested by the Temba Police and thrown behind bars, facing a bestiality charge. The devastated owner of the dog said she paid the man R250 to fix her leaking roof and when he left her place, she noticed that her nine-year-old female dog, Stompie, was missing. In the morning, she went to the man’s house to bring him over to carry out the repair job and that was when she saw him raping the dog.

“I knocked several times, and he kept saying, ‘I’m coming to open’.

When I opened the door, I couldn’t believe what I saw – the man with Stompie in bed! He tried to hide Stompie, but she jumped on me.

Stompie’s genitals were swollen and injured. I took my dog home and told Tshwane SPCA’s inspector Mishack Matlou and the police. I am disappointed that the man I trusted abused my dog!”