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Doctor kills lover by sprinkling cocaine on manhood



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A German doctor has been sentenced to nine years in jail after he killed his lover by sprinkling cocaine on his manhood.

Doctor kills lover by sprinkling cocaine on manhood lailasnews

The 43-year-old doctor, Dr Andreas David Niederbichler, was found guilty of grievous bodily harm which lead to the death of the 38-year-old woman.

Court spokesman Christian Loeffler said;

“The accused was sentenced to nine years imprisonment for multiple severe rape in three cases, and GBH resulting in death.

“In addition, the district court ordered the placement in preventive custody, which means that the defendant remains in preventive detention after serving his sentence until he is no longer of any danger.”

The woman, known only as Yvonne M., was unaware he had laced his genitals with the Class A drug, according to the MailOnline.

Friends of Yvonne M. told the court in Magdeburg, northwest of Halberstadt, that the pair had met online and been having an affair.

One friend said:

“Yvonne wanted to leave her husband for Dr Niederbichler. He was like Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey to her.”

According to reports, the court found it proven that Niederbichler had put cocaine on his foreskin before having vaginal, anal and oral sex with three other women between September 2015 and February 2018.

Prosecutors added that he would secretly add the drug into the drinks of women in a bid to make them more compliant to his sexual requests.