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Dino Melaye attacks Buhari, APC in new hit song (video)



Nigeria News

Dino Melaye has attacked President Buhari and the APC, in a new hit song he released today on Instagram.

Dino Melaye attacks President Buhari in new hit song lailasnews

The Senator representing Kogi West in the red chamber, attacked President Buhari in the new hit song in which he advised his followers not to vote for. According to Dino Melaye, voting out Buhari and the APC is the only way to end hunger and poverty in the land.


He said, “There is hunger in the land, there is poverty in the land, let us say no to poverty, let us say no to hunger, by voting out President Muhammadu Buhari.

“That is the only way to end hunger, that is the only way to end poverty. Please, Nigerians, vote out the APC and that is the only way these pretentious people, these deceptive people can understand that we know that they are responsible for hunger.”

He then dropped his version of a popular Yoruba gospel song, which stated that Buhari is responsible for the hike in the price of garri, pounded yam and even rice. Watch the video below;