Davido and Chioma’s relationship still very strong

Davido and Chioma’s relationship still very strong

There was a report that recently spread like wildfire on pop-star Davido and Chioma’s relationship hitting the rock on account of infidelity on the singer’s part.

Davido was reported to have impregnated another woman and this had reportedly caused Chioma so much sleepless nights that she had to call it quit.

Davido and Chioma’s relationship still very strong – Friends

But according to Sunday Scoop also spoke with some friends and associates of the pop star, they denied being aware of any crack in the relationship.

One of Davido’s aides, who is usually with the singer, but spoke on condition of anonymity, said:

“If I had a dime for every time there have been rumours about Davido, I guess I would be the richest person in Africa by now.

I don’t know why Nigerians don’t like to celebrate good news. They always prefer bad news and that’s so sad. Which other artiste is flaunting their relationship as much as David shows off Chioma? They are truly in love with each other and nothing can shake them.

Some people are just trying to sow a seed of discord into their relationship but it will not work. I can tell you for free that I have never seen David as happy as he is whenever he is with Chioma. They understand each other and that’s what counts the most. The more rumours are spread about their relationship, the stronger the love between them gets.”

Another close friend of the Skelewu singer, who preferred not to be named, said:

“Ordinarily, I don’t respond to rubbish news like that but I will answer you because of the respect I have for you. I was with both of them over the weekend and everything is cool between them. Let outsiders keep saying whatever they want, those who are close to the couple know that their relationship is on a solid footing.”

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