David Luiz reveals what he told Kepa during row with Sarri

David Luiz reveals what he told Kepa during row with Sarri

David Luiz has revealed what he told goalkeeper Kepa Arizebalaga during his row with manager Maurizio Sarri in Chelsea’s Carabao Cup final loss to Manchester City yesterday.

The game saw Kepa refusing to be substituted after he sustained a cramp injury. His refusal angered Sarri who expressed his disatisfaction on the touch line with Willy Caballero waiting to replace Kepa.

According to David Luiz who walked up to Kepa to have a word with him, he said he told the Spanish goalkeeper to respect the manager’s decision.

‘I told him to respect the decision of the coach’.

David Luiz went on to miss a penalty with City picking the day in a goaless draw that ended in a penalty shoot-out, 4-3 in favour of City.

Reacting to the episode between him and Kepa, Sarri said he would be speaking to the player privately to clear the air.

‘I think you have to talk about football. We played a v good match. In that situation it was a big misunderstanding,’ he said.

‘I understood there was a problem and we needed a change. I only realised this when only the doctor arrived from the bench.

‘It was a big misunderstanding because I understood the goalkeeper had cramp. So for me he was unable but the problem was not cramp so he was able to go to the penalties.

‘I have to talk with him but only to clarify because now I understand very well the situation.’


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