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Cuban Doll says she has never spoken with Offset



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Cuban Doll, one of the ladies alleged to have been roped into a “threesome” with Offset, has said she has never spoken with the rapper.

Cuban Doll says she has never spoken with Offset lailasnews


According to TMZ, she does not want to be involved in the drama as she insists that she has never spoken with Offset or made out with him.

Cuban Doll says she’s talked to Cardi B about the current cheating scandal involving Offset, and the two rappers have cleared the air.

“Cardi hit me up,” the 20-year-old Texas rapper told TMZ. “She knows I have nothing to do with that.”

Doll denied the rumors yesterday in a short tweet writing,

“I never went to new or lean leave me alone !” She clarified with TMZ that she believe the entire situation is a ploy for attention. “It’s all based off her trying to get clout. It’s a bunch of clout chasing stuff,” she said. “Me and her have been fell out. We’re no longer friends.”

She claims she never even knew about the texts that circulated on the internet shortly after Cardi B announced her breakup with Offset.

“I never texted him. I never accepted no type of agreements with him,” she said. “I never knew about the texts since they got exposed.”

Summer Bunni, the other accused of being in planning a threesome with Offset before Cardi B gave birth to her daughter with Offset, Kulture, in an earlier video apologized for the text saying that she did not know the relationship between the two were that serious.

A few days after giving a PDA -filled performance with Offset and referring to him as her husband, Cardi B took to Instagram to state that she and Offset fell out of love and a divorce is imminent.