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Cows stole four of my panties



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A South African lady, Moditebo Thys  has raised an alarm over an alleged theft of panties by cows in Khayelitsha Kasi area of Mangaung, South Africa .

Cows stole four of my panties - Lady laments as residents confirm story lailasnews

Residents who corroborated the claim, also warned herders to watch their animals carefully before they end up without any underwear. 33-year-old Moditebo Thys who spoke to Daily Sun correspondent, alleged that when they put clothes on the washline, the cows come into their yards and steal them.


The lady who stated that won’t put her panties on the line again until she has put up a fence, said;

“I’ve lost four pairs of panties in two weeks,” said Moditebo.

“At first, I thought it may be one of my neighbours.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a cow chewing one of the pairs after she pulled it off my washline.”

Another resident of the area said;

“These cows left the grass to eat our panties. “They choose the colourful ones. If your underwear is black, you will find it safe. “We urge herders to look after their cows.

“We can’t be expected to hide our underwear from the cows. One day I saw them carrying pink underwear on their horns.”

However one of the herders, Motshweneng Mailane (32) said;

“I am always with my cows, looking after them,” he said.

“Maybe they are talking about other shepherds who leave their cows to wander around.

“I will ask them to take care of their animals.”