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Court dismisses case against accuser Sugabelly



Nigeria News

At a point in the year 2015, a young Nigerian woman identified as Sugabelly was the subject of a serious rape allegation as she accused the son of former Governor Abubakar Audu of Kogi State, Mustapha Audu of raping and physically abusing her.

The accusation generated into a social media row and the lady became an object of ridicule and oppression in the hands of her alleged abusers and their associates.

#SugabellyVindicated Court dismisses Mustapha's case against rape accuser Sugabelly lailasnews 7

Few years later, specifically in the year 2017, she was sued by her alleged abusers in a US Court for character defamation.

But as it is today, it appears that the Supreme Court has dismissed the case against Sugabelly and ordered Mustapha to settle the legal fee she incurred throughout the period of the case.


The court dismissal was blown open by an activist Chidi Odinkalu who took to twitter to give a narration.

He wrote:

A little over 10 yrs ago, a teenage girl began keeping electronic diaries of harrowing sexual abuse. This later broke onto #Nigeria’s social media. She was known as @sugabelly. Many ppl did not believe her. Today, I’d like to tell a little story I call #SugabellyVindicated

When it began, she was 17. The chief culprits, who were 1 decade older than her or more were the sons of 2 #Nigerian big men – a state Governor & an Admiral who led the military. The allegations looked too detailed to be made up, surely too serious to ignore.

While some showed her empathy, she also received unspeakable nastiness & abuse form ppl who forgot, as @damiodiachi rightly pointed out, that “it’s hard to believe that she wld embrace a country’s worth of cyber-bullying for fame.”

On social media, however, @sugabelly was set upon, finally being forced off this space by abuse of that no one shd be subjected to. Having survived sexual abuse, she became the victim of cyber-abuse. Those who physically abused her became her cyber-traducers

In June 2017, 1 of the persons whom @sugabelly had named as her rapist, Mustapha Audu, son of former Kogi state Governor, Abubakar Audu, filed a suit in the courts in Washington DC, USA against her for libel because she clearly said he was a rapist

In his suit against @sugabelly, Mustapha Audu, who joined his younger brother, Bashir as plaintiff, claimed the allegations of rape were false. He asked for damages, jury trial & injunctions. The young woman cld have been ruined.

Once issues were joined, Mustapha Audu’s case began to unravel. Earlier this year, the court dismissed his case with prejudice, requiring him to pay all the costs of Sugabelly.

Essentially, as @damiodiachi suspected over 3 yrs ago, @sugabelly was both right & credible. Mustapha Audu committed rape. This rapist tried to use judicial attrition to export his #Nigeria impunity to the USA. This courageous young woman stopped him.

Appeals are no longer available against the court decision dismissing Mustapah Audu’s spurious case againt @sugabelly. So, the decision is now final & the vindication of @sugabelly is judicially confirmed – Mustapha Audu is a rapist