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Couple complains that native doctor’s rats steal their money



Nigeria News

A husband and his wife who bought some native doctor’s rats to bring them wealth, have claimed that the rats have turned against them and eating their money instead.

The couple from Tembisa, Ekurhuleni, South Africa, said the native doctor they bought the rats from have taken them for a ride, because they are stealing from them.

Money Rituals Couple complains native doctor's rats steal their money lailasnews 2
Money Rituals: Couple complains native doctor’s rats steal their money

“We have lost close to R3000 and the money is disappearing a bit at a time,” said the wife. “Sometimes you find R100 or R200 has gone missing but you don’t know how.”

They said they have been trying to trace the native doctor but he’s nowhere to be found and doesn’t answer his phone.

The woman said they saw an advert in the paper and wanted to test it for themselves.

They called the native doctor in May and he charged them R1000 each for three rats. “He told us we were going to get rich in mysterious ways.”

After three months, no money was coming into the house but they decided to be patient. But then things started changing.

“We were losing things. We put money under the mattress and in the wardrobe but you’d find the money has gone, even though we have no other people in the house,” said the man.

“I became worried when R300 I had placed under my mattress went. We knew the rats were stealing from us.”

He said they now know not all native doctors can be trusted.

“We regret trusting him.”