Earlier today we shared Mrs Adenike Obaoye’s story. She had cried out on Facebook that she was allegedly being held hostage by her husband, Willoughby Gbolade Adeola in Germany. Our story was dated 19th October, 2018 and entitled ‘Nigerian lady allegedly held hostage by husband in Germany, raises alarm’

We have found out that the photo of Willoughby Gbolade Adeola we used for the report belongs to an entirely different couple. We hereby retract the wrong image of the couple we used and also sincerely apologize to them for the error.  Mrs Adenike Obaoye’s story had nothing to do with the couple’s picture.

We are happy to make this position clear. Corrections have been made on our story to address this. We are happy to set the record straight and apologise for any distress caused.

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