Chanel designer, Karl Lagerfeld has died in Paris at the age of 85. He was unwell for more than two weeks before he died at an hospital.

Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld dies at the age of 85

Before his death, he was for more than three decades the face of the French design house.

A source revealed that Karl Lagerfeld was rushed to a Paris hospital on Monday where he died after suffering from pancreatic cancer.

“He hadn’t gone on about his illness, but battled it very bravely,” said one insider.

“Karl was very proud of his fitness and healthy living, so the pancreatic cancer came as a huge shock.”

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Another source in Paris said:

“The state of his health had been a cause of concern for a number of weeks.

“He had not been seen at fashion shows that he was expected to attend. Karl was admitted to hospital on Monday, and died on Tuesday morning.”



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