Cardi B whose husband, Offset bought a Lamborghini truck ahead of her 26th birthday has a birthday demand and it is having sex in 30 different positions.

Cardi B says she want sex in 30 different positions from Offset for her birthday lailasnews

In a video she shared on her Instagram page, Cardi B who thanked everyone for their birthday wishes stated that she wanted sex in 30 different positions and her husband should ‘a New York pretzel’.

Cardi B said;

I’m gonna drink some Hennessy today, so I’m a little scared because I might act up, but I don‘t give a f**k.

I want my husband to f**k me 30 different positions, I want that n***a to flex me like a New York pretzel.

I’m dumb happy I am 26-years-old. I have everything I ever wanted and I’m so thankful and I am so grateful.

Thank you Jesus and thank you everybody for all the love, ya heard!

We reported few days ago that the Migos rapper had his team call Cardi, to tell her that her husband fainted in Atlanta and that she needed to go see him immediately. When she arrived, the “I Like It” rapper was greeted by the $200K truck.

Cardi received her present a little early, with her exact birthday being October 11. Even though Cardi can’t legally drive yet, the car collection between these two is phenomenal. Offset and Cardi B recently showed off their his and hers Lamborghinis on Instagram, while the ‘Bodak Yellow’ rapper bought Offset a Rolls Royce Wraith for his birthday earlier this year.

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