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Cardi B reveals she spends $1,000 a shot on hair and nails



Cardi B revealed that she spends $1,000 a shot on hair and nails, she also ranted on Instagram about how expensive it is to maintain a woman.

In the video which she recorded from the back of her limo, the 26-year-old mother said:

Let me tell you motherf**ers something, it’s getting more and more expensive – well, nah for real, it’s getting more expensive to maintain us women.’

‘You know this is not the early 2000s and s**t where you give a b***h a hundred dollars to get her motherf***ing hair done, nails done, her eyebrows done. Whatever.’

Nah. Let me tell you something. Like, bit**es is not getting the $17 full set with the three pre nail design motherf***er.

‘Bit**es want the gel set and some hos, like me, you know what I’m saying, want Swarovski crystals. So that about there is about $200 – the end nail. You know what I’m saying

She continued to do the math on the processes she undertakes, adding:

‘And then the hair? We are not in the era where b**ches do the blow outs, you know what I’m saying, or the sew-ins and shit. Nah, b**ches want the full lace wig. The wig is about $800, $500, it really depend where you get it from.

This dye about, I say about three hundred dollars. Two hundred dollars. Three hundred dollars. ‘So, just on dat it’s a thousand dollars!’ she concluded, before asking, ‘So…what’s good?’

Watch video below;