Brave victim Cheryl Zondi, details sexual assault in hands of Pastor Omotoso

Brave victim Cheryl Zondi, details sexual assault in hands of Pastor Omotoso

Cheryl Zondi, who was one of the victims of sexual assault in the hands of Pastor Omotoso who was arrested months ago, testified in court and shared graphic details of what Pastor Timothy Omotoso did to her.

22-year-old Cheryl Zondi who is the first witness to testify against Nigerian pastor Timothy Omotoso, who is accused of the rape and human trafficking of young female congregants of his Durban-based church, disclosed that the Nigerian Pastor sexually abused her over a period of two-and-a-half years while she was a member of the Jesus Dominion International Church.

According to victim, she was 14-years-old at the time she claims the incidents started. The defence for Omotoso has also been called out over some of the questions he asked Zondi. “Why didn’t you scream during the alleged sexual attack?” This was one question put to her.

However Cheryl Zondi who answered the question, even if she screamed for help nobody would have intervened.  She said that at the time, she thought God would be on Omotoso’s side in committing a sexual assault.

Zondi who disclosed that she was young and impressionable, disclosed that she was too scared to oppose Omotoso because anyone who opposed him would die, so she allowed him to continue.

“I thought he would rape me and I should allow him to do what he wanted to do. I did not want to face the wrath of God,” said Zondi.

She further disclosed that on one of those nights, Pastor Omotoso will ask her to remove her clothes, penetrate her vagina slightly and was always careful not to go all the way. According to her, he rubbed himself against her genital area until he climaxed.

However when asked how many centimetres of Omotoso’s penis had penetrated her, Judge Mandela Makaula said he would not allow the question. Pastor Omotoso who is facing trial on charges including rape, and the alleged trafficking of more than 30 girls and women to a house where he allegedly sexually exploited them, was arraigned alongside Lusanda Solani, 36, and Zukiswa Sitho, 28 who reportedly recruited girls across the country for him.

Here is a live feed of the trial;

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