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Bowwow showers praises on his baby mama Joie Chavis



Nigeria News

Rapper Bowwow has showered praises on his baby mama Joie Chavis. Though both of them are not currently seeing each other, the rapper couldn’t help but praise her openly on social media.

Bowwow showers praises on his baby mama Joie Chavis


Bowwow and Joie Chavis share a daughter together, but the gorgeous lady is now also a baby mama to rapper Future.

Sharing on Instagram, Bowwow wrote:

This woman right here is my dawg! We never fight fuss none of that she never asks me for NOTHING! I know most bm and bd’s dont get along but i knew the typa man i was and was gone be and she knew too hahaha ( playboy ) she accepted me for who i am and i accepted her. Hell of a mom to my little shai shai. Couldn’t ask for a better woman to raise my princess! We fam 4 life. Appreciate your kids mom today. Break the narrative. Fellas imagine if we had they job. Understand what the moms have to go through. Now j bounce back so u can make more hot sh*t like this! Yall give my daughter mom a follow always fam.

A fan questioned if they have plans of getting together. In reply, the rapper said:

no. I’m not relationship material. I respect her and appreciate the great job she does. Don’t have to be mother’s day for me to acknowledge the great these moms do