The body of a baby has been recovered during search of Lion Air flight that crashed into the sea on Monday, the country’s Search and Rescue Agency (BASARNAS) said.

“I saw body parts there was a baby, adults for sure and and some items like shoes,” Deputy National Police Chief Ari Dono Sukmanto told reporters during a news conference Wednesday after visiting Kramat Jati Police Hospital, where remains are brought for identification.

Sukmanto said the identification process will likely be quite difficult because so few bodies are intact. Dental records will likely be the most reliable, he said.

According to, the troubled Lion Air flight JT 610 made erratic altitude changes in the brief time it was in the sky before it dramatically plunged and crashed into the sea.

About three minutes after the Boeing 737 Max 8 took off for its one-hour flight to Pangkal Pinang, pilot Bhavye Suneja asked air traffic control for permission to turn around and return to Jakarta airport.

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Ten minutes later, the plane crashed into waters off the Java coast.

Preliminary data transmitted by flight 610 now suggests the doomed plane dropped at breakneck speed — falling from an altitude of 1479m in just 21 seconds.

A normal descent for an airliner would be about 450m to 600m per minute, aviation safety expert John Cox told Bloomberg.

Data obtained by FlightRadar24 shows the Lion Air plane descending at more than 9400m per minute.

“This thing really comes unglued,” said Mr Cox, who runs consulting company Safety Operating Systems.

“The numbers are barely believable.”

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