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Bobrisky reacts after JP Blush claimed he has body odour



Nigeria News

Controversial cross dresser Bobrisky, has reacted after co-cross dresser, JP Blush claimed on Instagram that he has body odour.

Bobrisky reacts after JP Blush claimed he has body odour lailasnews

JP Blush also alleged that Bobrisky was thrown out of tiannah Empire owned by fashion enterpreneur Toyin Lawani. He said;

Bobrisky smells, that he has a very strong body odour that sticks on clothes, that he was also mixing hypo with Tiannah’s bleaching cream and selling it to people and that was why she arrested him” .

“Bobrisky you are a failed transgender, Instagram has denied you verification the same way your mother denied you in life, You are living s disfigured life you claim to be a millionaire and lied to the entire world that your mother is dead while in reality she is still alive and she is a petty trader suffering in magodo

Bobrisky has now reacted to the claims, alleging that JP Blush muct have been sent by Toyin Lawani to attack him. See what he wrote below;

Just imagine !!!! Dis over dried body like Fulani sugar cane. I don’t have business with you. I have issues with your mother aka TOYIN LAWANNI. Did your mother told you her story at all? I think you need to go and sit her down to tell you more about her own miserable � life before lecturing you with others. Incase she is going to Abuja again dis time around have kept enough evidence against her. To make it easier let me tag @nigeriapoliceforce to see dis. you don’t start a battle with who you cannot handle! The last time your mother went to the police �‍♀️ she was told no case. Because all her lies on me nothing was traceable. You all think is easy to forgive those expensive lies ���. Now she is sending dis dry body like k leg � to me. Come for me I will come for your mother !!!!!