Bisi Alimi has declared his support for Nigerian man, Dan Yomi who is the first black student Union president of Bournemouth University, after he came out as gay.

Bisi Alimi declares support for Nigerian student who came out as gay lailasnews

Dan Yomi came out as gay on Instgram and received massive support, though his parents, who are staunch Apostolic Faith members, are finding it hard to accept.

Yomi was also a fellowship president when he was schooling at Crawford University and some of his fellowship members are still in shock, while some have shown support for him.

Below is what Alimi wrote on Facebook page;

Dear Dan Yomi, I am so glad to see this day happening, I know it has been a journey for you but you chose to live your truth.

I know you are destined for greatness that day I walked into your student union office based on your invitation as the first black president of your union.

I want you to know that your daddies love you, forget the noise, they won’t matter tomorrow but your coming out will.

There is a little boy/girl in Nigeria that needs to know being gay is okay and you have given that person the confidence to be who they are.

We are proud of you, and so is the world.