Beware of WhatsApp game targeted at children

Beware of WhatsApp game targeted at children

Momo suicide game otherwise known as the Momo challenge is a game targeted at kids across the world and it directs them to take their lives.

The so-called ‘challenge’, featuring a haunting character with bulging eyes, has sparked warnings to British parents.

Momo suicide game Beware of WhatsApp game targeted at children

It has already been linked to the suicide of a 12-year-old girl in Argentina and at least 130 teen deaths across Russia, BBC reports.

And now, UK primary schools have warned about the dangers of the game, saying it presents a “serious risk” to kids’ safety.

In a letter to parents, one Cumbrian school said the game is “easily accessed” through social media and “rapidly spreading”.

A police officer said Momo was clearly run by hackers who are looking for information.

“Whatever or whoever is behind it, there is no disputing the content being sent is horrendous,” reads the post.

“A ‘curse contact’ sends a number and tells you to contact them on WhatsApp.

“One video of such an interaction in America I’ve seen, shows an ominous-sounding voice recording being sent to a child telling them to take a knife to their own throat.

“Another threatens family if a ‘challenge’ is not completed. It’s chilling viewing.

“There are numerous variations and of course now imitators.”

Police said the danger lay with children feeling pressured to either follow the orders on any app by carrying out “challenges”, or because of peer pressure in chat rooms.

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