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Between relationship expert, Sola Adio, and a nudes loving man – Nigeria News



Nigeria News

Nigerian relationship expert, Sola Adio, was dragged into an exchange with a nudes loving man, over a tweet he shared.

Between relationship expert, Sola Adio, and a nude loving man lailasnews

The relationship expert had tweeted;

Don’t listen to any idiot saying real men don’t leak nudes. Don’t ever send nudes to anyone. Anyone asking for your nudes is an idiot. Just block the lunatic and live your life in peace. #NoNudes

If you think it is respectful to say it’s normal for me to ask women for nudes as a man, you have only just told that is how you were raised, seeing your role models ask for nudes. I see nothing disrespectful in assuming that people who raised you taught you to ask for nudes.

So you girls on this app are still sending photos of your private parts to people? We have over-flogged this issue so much that you must be dull of hearing if you are still sending pictures of your breasts and vagina to people.

If you are possessed by a demon that makes you ask women for their vagina photos, deliverance is available for you. Come for prayers. But don’t tar my reputation with your demons. I won’t ever tolerate that

However a Twitter user who reacted to the tweets, wrote;

Can you swear you’ve never asked a lady for nudes??

Sola Adio replied by writing;

I have a very low tolerance for stupidity and insolence. I am not like your father and your uncles since that is how they raised you. Such demonic stuff of asking women for nudes has never crept into our bloodline. By the way I am a married Christian.

Since he said I should swear, and he believed it is normal behaviour for every man to ask for nudes, it was very right for me to question the people that raised him and how he was raised. If he didn’t want that scrutiny, he shouldn’t have acted stupidly in my mentions

Christians don’t swear to convince you about something. If you ask me to swear on anything you have insulted me. On top of that I don’t owe anyone of you here any obligation. Neither am I accountable to you.

Between relationship expert, Sola Adio, and a nude loving man lailasnews  1 Between relationship expert, Sola Adio, and a nude loving man lailasnews 2