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Between Dayo Amusa and a troll who said she is getting fatter than his mum

Nollywood actress, Dayo Amusa was dragged into an exchange with a troll who claimed she is getting fatter than his mum.

Dayo Amusa’s reply to the comment was quite simple, as she referred him back to his mum. Here is a screenshot of their exchange below;

This is coming after Dayo Amusa who disclosed that she is comfortable with her big size, insisted that Nigerian men prefer plus size women. She said in an interview;;

As far as I am concerned, I have always been very comfortable in my own body. I realised that fingers are not equal and everybody has their own way of thinking and they are entitled to their own opinion, so I cannot crucify anyone about how they feel about my size. However, I have always been comfortable in my skin.

It has always been easy for me to get clothes I like but there are times that you see some trendy outfits that would not fit because I am plus sized. Despite that, there are a lot of beautiful products for plus size women that would not even look good on slim girls. Yes, I know they do. Ninety per cent of African men would go for plus size women.

It is because we are very ‘accommodating’. I think the only reason a man would go for a slim lady is due to the ‘slay mama’ trend on social media but when men want to settle, they go for plus size women.

On being pressured to get married, she said;

I get such talks from my mother but I also understand that she is doing that like any other parent would but as a person, you should not feel pressured to make certain decisions because everything would still be under control.

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