A Twitter user took to the platform to share what happened at the office between a boss and a staff, who was working while his wife was in labor room.

Between a boss and staff working while wife was in labor room lailasnews

According to @maxlmeaner, her boss yelled at the staff whose wife was in labor room, telling him that the shirt and tie doesn’t make one a dad. Read her tweet below;

My colleague’s wife may be going into labour any moment. Boss (male) with 3 kids is yelling at the first time dad-to-be for still being at the office “Shirt and tie is not what makes you a daddy. Go there and pray and hold her hand!” Love it.

I think he’s genuinely clueless. Boss is now micro managing the situation “call me when you get to the hospital. Let me speak with the doctor”. Giving a pep talk on vigilance. Won’t be surprised if boss goes there himself.

Don’t think he’d fully loaded. Had already dropped her off at the hospital then came to the office, chilling.

Between a boss and staff working while wife was in labor room lailasnews 1

This is coming after Nollywood actor, Yemi Solade, shared the joy of fatherhood. According to him he witnessed the birth of his first child and even recorded it. He said;

It was a mixed feeling. I felt like she went through a lot bringing the baby forth. I saw all the pain she had to go through and even when the doctor asked me to step out, I insisted on staying there. I even burst into tears eventually because the experience was heavy. Afterwards, it was all joy when the baby arrived.

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