Beautiful teacher reveals how she encourages her students study more

Beautiful teacher reveals how she encourages her students study more

A beautiful Nigerian teacher, identified as Theodorauju Igwemadu has revealed what she does to encourage her students study more.

Motivation can be a problem for some kids in school, while some might find it hard to focus on classwork. A teacher who can find a way to keep their student focused and motivated is surely going to get positive results from the kids.

Nigerian teacher, Theodorauju Igwemadu has just shared how she encourages her students to study more, and you might have one or two things to learn from her.

Sharing her style on Facebook, she wrote;

Right from when I was doing my teaching practice. I learnt to reinforce my students with gifts.
Then I would gather fruits in season, especially cocoa pods, yea! Kids loves licking the seeds.
Imagine how they would be clamouring to answer my questions and contribute to the lesson.
I have brought it to my present school.
I produce snacks for the school’s production unit, so I always map out snacks and drinks for my children’s reinforcement.
You need to see even how the least among them is always striving to provide a correct answer.
The gifts are so little, but they always want tohave them.
It makes them read more and learn more.
I’m out to producing the next generation of readers, leaders and competitors.
I’m a teacher.
A home economist!
And I love my job.

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