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Be Sincere – The Big Hash Vs Touchline – Who’s A Better Rapper?





The Big Hash and Touchline

The Big Hash and Touchline

Hello Hip Hop/Rap Lovers,

Here is a Post we want you all to debate on. This same Topic has generated a whole lot of Controversies on our Facebook Page.

Then we thought of bringing this up on the main site so our Users can tell us whom they thought is a better Rapper.

Both acts are currently doing well and might be the next big thing in 2019, they even promised to deliver more amazing songs come 2019.. We can’t wait to jam new singles from these 2 young amazing rappers.


The Big Hash

The Big Hash

Tshegetso Reabetswe Kungwane, also known as The Big Hash from Pretoria who first came to be known in 2017.

He may only be 17 years old, but The Big Hash pulls in thousands of SoundCloud streams and has already performed at Back to the City.

The young MC dropped out of high school to pursue his career in music. This year he released his latest EP, titled the aptly titled Life + Times of a Teenage Influence. At such a young age his writing shows off his impeccable song writing skills that talk about his personal journey. He recently collaborated with one of the country’s biggest hip hop stars A-Reece on a track called Outcast.



Be Sincere - The Big Hash Vs Touchline - Who's A Better Rapper?


From the dusty streets of Tembisa, an uncut diamond emerged in the form of Thabo Mahlwele aka Touchline.

A true poet, Touchline is best described as a verbal gymnast, able to manipulate, bend and swing words together in ways one could not have imagined to create a fresh and flexible lyrical flow. Touchline is blessed with the gift of bringing realness to his content which allows him to bring out the deep emotion from his listeners’ hearts as they are able to picture and draw relevance with his story telling verses.

Its safe to say that this year Touchline has been at the front line of SA hip hop solely because of his music, lyrical ability and consistency. Having dropped so much content like 5 Grand, and his just released album “18 flow“, appeared on so many platforms as well as being one the #HYPEFreshman2018 winners, Touchline has had a really dope year.

From your Understanding about the SA Music Industry – BE Sincere;

The Big Hash vs Touchline – Which Do You Think Is A Better Rapper?