Be responible on social media

Be responible on social media

President Muhammadu Buhari has cautioned Nigerians on how they conduct themselves on social media while speaking to the citizens of the country in his Independence Day speech on October 1.

The president noted that the country had never faced the ‘challenge’ of such a technology which some are abusing to “provoke passions and stir tensions”.

Be responsible on social media – Buhari to Nigerians on Independence Day

He said:

“Fellow Nigerians, now we have in our hands technology that is a powerful tool that we can and should use for knowledge and understanding. As with other countries, we must also learn how to manage those tendencies that, instead, look to abuse new technologies to provoke passions and stir tensions.

“Never before have we faced such a challenge. We must all rise to the responsibility of shutting out those disruptive and corrosive forces that hide in today’s world of social media.

“We need critical minds and independent thinking, to question and question until we are satisfied we have the facts. Otherwise, all the progress we have made as a democracy since 1999 is at stake.”

The President also used the medium to assure Nigerians that the Independent National Electoral Commission will conduct a free and fair election in the 2019 polls.

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