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Ban child hawking in Lagos



Nigeria News

The Chairman of the Lagos State chapter of the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights, CDHR Roy Olokungboye, has said the state government has not done enough to curb child hawking in Lagos as well as other forms of child abuse.

Ban child hawking in Lagos - CDHR to state government lailasnews 3
Ban child hawking in Lagos – CDHR to state government

Olokungboye, who spoke at a press conference aimed at creating awareness for the forthcoming CDHR child rights conference in Lagos, also lamented that the public education system was not functioning well in the state


He said the group would take its demands to the state House of Assembly during the five-day conference to make sure that the laws against child harassment were enforced in the state.

He said:

“On the second day of the programme, we will match on the state House of Assembly to ensure that Lagos enforces the law that prevents children from hawking during school hours and late in the night.

“Such a practice exposes them to all kinds of harassment from hoodlums. The law has been in existence but they neglected it. We want it to be fully enforced so that these children can be well protected from all forms of harassment.”