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Babysitter locks baby inside washing machine then posts video online



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A terrifying video where a babysitter locked a baby inside washing machine has been posted online by the babysitter that captured the moment.

The video of the incident shows two-year-old Kacper pressing his hand against the door in a desperate effort to try to open it.

Babysitter locks baby inside washing machine then posts video online lailasnews 3

Police investigating said they have also found a photograph on social media of the boy being forced to smoke a cigarette.

In the clip, a man off camera can be heard laughing as the boy weeps.

It is understood Kacper’s mother, a 21-year-old named only as Zaneta D, left him with a friend while she took his father to work in the city of Radom in central Poland.

Baby inside washing machine

Police said the boy was not hurt but they have launched a child abuse investigation. Social services are also involved.

The photo of Kacper smoking a cigarette was discovered by police on his mother’s social media page.

She has denied having anything to do with the post, claiming she left her phone at home while working.

The video of the boy was posted online by a 19-year-old man named Mateusz S, who was arrested by police.

He was later released without charge.

A second man, Adam B, 18, who was looking after the child at the time, was also arrested.

Prosecutors said Adam B and Tomasz K, 22, the boy’s father, could face child abuse charges.

Mirosław Wachnik, district prosecutor in Radom, said that if found guilty of child abuse, the men face 10 years in prison.

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