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Australian returnee finds out brother deceived him with house photos



An Australian returnee who has spent 10 years in the foreign country could have been hit with the disappointment of the decade as he just found out his brother had been sending him fake photos of his house project.

This is according to a man on twitter who wrote on behalf of his friend. His brother had been sent the photo of a completed building which turned out to be someone else’s.

Australian returnee finds out brother deceived him house photos

The elder brother claimed he diverted the money for a government project and promised to continue construction when he is paid

My friend just back after a decade in Australia only to discover that pictures of completed duplex he’s been giving his elder brother money to build for him in the village, actually belongs to someone else. His own hasn’t even crossed lintel level. Katakata dey there as we talk!

What would you do if this happened to you?