Audu Maikori celebrates 11th wedding anniversary

Audu Maikori celebrates 11th wedding anniversary

Chocolate City president, Audu Maikori is today celebrating his 11th year wedding anniversary with his wife, Zel Umunna Maikori.

Celebriting the anniversary, his wife wrote about how much she loves him on her social media page, she wrote;

‘you bring me JOY!!! 11 years later and the smile and laugh is still right there. To the kindest, most compassionate, most loving and extremely brilliant being on earth- Life is such a beautiful thing with you! To many more years of JOYful experiences. The future is bright and beautiful. Love you with all of me’.

Audu and Zel met at the University back in 2004 and kicked off a relationship that led to their marriage years after. While Audu hails from Kaduna State and graduated as a lawyer from the University of Jos, Zel is from Anambra State and graduated as a Medical Doctor from the same University.

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