Atiku is clearly corrupt while Buhari is incorruptible

Atiku is clearly corrupt while Buhari is incorruptible

Shina Peller, son of the late Nigerian magician, Professor Moshood Abiola Peller, who emerged the House of Representatives candidate for lseyin/ltesiwaju/ Kajola/lwajowa federal constituency on the platform of the All Progresssive Congress (APC), has said Buhari is incorruptible.

Atiku is clearly corrupt while Buhari is incorruptible – Shina Peller

Shina Peller, who is the owner of popular Lagos nightclub, Quilox, took to his Twitter to also state that Buhari is 100% better than Atiku, PDP presidential flag-bearer.

He also pointed out although that was his opinion and every other person is entitled to their opinion as well. And for the country to make progress, Nigerians need to move beyond the social media and take action to vote in their preferred candidates.

“President Buhari is incorruptible and Atiku is clearly corrupt and in as much as corruption is the basis of our problems in Nigeria, #PresidentBuhari is 100% better than Atiku.

I said what I said. My opinion is mine. Yours is yours. Do you even have a PVC? What are you personally doing to help Nigeria? Replying tweets and using abusive language is not going to make a difference.

I was born a progressive and I’m a proud member of the @APCNigeria
I stand to defend and promote the image and interests of my party as well as its presidential candidate.”


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