Armed robbers raid church while pretending to be delivery men

Armed robbers raid church while pretending to be delivery men

A manhunt has been launched for two armed robbers, who stormed a church and robbed people at gunpoint while pretending to be delivery men.

Congregants of Hillsong church in Cape Town, South Africa, were reportedly robbed by the armed robbers who pretended to be delivery men.

“There were four staff members in the building at the time, including a security guard who called the police. No one was hurt. The perpetrators are still at large and police are investigating,” the church said in a statement.

While it was gathered that there were security measures in place at the building, the church has disclosed that it was considering additional ways to further ensure the safety of the congregation and staff.

“The incident has only served to strengthen our resolve to build a church that will help build this nation, which we love, and which we know God loves deeply too,” the church said.

It also thanked the police and Century City security services for the way they handled the situation.

“We are very thankful that everyone is okay,” the church said.

Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana, the Western Cape police spokesperson who confirmed the incident said the armed robbers robbed employees of their cellphones.

“It was not a hostage situation,” said Rwexana, in response to claims on social media after police flooded the area.

“The circumstances surrounding this incident are under investigation with no arrests as yet.”

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