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Ariana Grande mentions ex, Pete on new song: Thank You, Next



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Ariana Grande isn’t going to let Pete Davidson define their relationship and breakup and she planned to release her new song, Thank You, Next before “Saturday Night Live” on which she mentioned his name in the lyrics.

According to TMZ, the overarching theme of the song is empowerment and Ariana talked on what she’s been through in her relationships and other experiences. The song is reportedly not a diss track.

Ariana Grande mentions ex, Pete on new song Thank You, Next - Listen lailasnews 3

She specifically names Pete, Mac and others, but she doesn’t go after Pete the way she did earlier this week after he publicly joked about their breakup. She had accused him of being a hypocrite … pretending he wasn’t into being in the spotlight yet hanging on for dear life.

According to reports, Ariana felt betrayed by Pete and doesn’t want to take the chance that he’ll talk about their breakup yesterday on “SNL” as she just sits by.

It was widely believed that Pete was planning on addressing it, but 86’d the idea after she made it clear they had an agreement to keep their relationship private. Nonetheless, anything could happen.

Among the lyrics, which she posted:

“Got so much love ….. got so much patience ….. I’ve learnt from the pain ….. and turnt out amazin ….. say I’ve loved and I’ve lost ….. but that’s not what I see cause look what I got ….. look what you taught me.”

It goes on …

“Cause look what I found ….. ain’t no need for searching and for that I say ….. thank u, next.”

Listen to the song below: