APC allegedly hired U.S PR firm for $1.2m

APC allegedly hired U.S PR firm for $1.2m

Following claims made by political analyst, Judd Legum, it has been alleged that the APC allegedly hired a U.S PR firm for $1.2m.

PDP apologist and US based Nigerian journalist, Jackson Ude who was reacting to a tweet by APC apologist, Mukhtar Dan’Iyan, disclosed that APC hired the U.S PR firm for $1.2m through Ladi Delano.

He wrote;

Stop your hypocrisy. APC Also Hired U.S PR Firm For $1.2m through Ladi Delano

This is coming after we reported that it seems American political analyst, Judd Legum who wrote about how President Donald Trump’s corrupt administration paved way for PDP Presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar into the United States of America, despite being banned, lied as the contract letter he shared was signed before Atiku Abubakar became PDP’s Presidential candidate.

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