American dad reveals what he did to his child’s bully

American dad reveals what he did to his child’s bully

An American dad took to Twitter to recount his encounter with his child’s bully, which led to search deeper on ‘why?’

According to the American dad, he just found out that his child’s bully was previously bullied for not having clean clothes. He further found out that the boy’s family is currently homeless. Read his tweet on spending some time with his child’s bully;

spent some time with my sons school bully yesterday .. just to dig a little deeper on”why?” .. come to find out he was being bullied for not having clean clothes n clean shoes.. I asked “why?” .. just to find out that his family is currently homelessI had to do Something

This is today .. .. potnas .. n now I’m a first time mentor. Somebody suggested I should make his family a gofund me .. something to help them get on their feet . They are currently staying in a hotel .. Please support my GoFundMe campaign

ANYBODY WHO WANTS TO BULLY ME FOR TRYING TO HELP SOMEBODY .. just know I’m ready for whatever comes .. YALL WONT TAKE THIS JOY From me .. you can dig up whatever info you want on me .. nothing to be ashamed about .. WE READY

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