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All staff in a department in Nigerian company migrate to Canada together



There’s yet another story on Twitter that will leave you in shock and it is about all staff in a department in a Nigerian company, migrating to Canada together.

Twitter user, Pastor Gbenro who shared the report disclosed that the company directors were shocked with the move by staff of the entire department. However Twitter users who reacted to the claim, are asking for the name of the company to apply.

Read the tweet below;

Meanwhile, this weekend, I heard of an entire department in a Nigerian company that all staff in the department migrated to Canada together. Company directors were gobsmacked. Walahi! Everybody!

PS: I muted this tweet. 2. I cannot share the company details for many reasons.

@ogidantunde who reacted to the tweet also wrote;

I know of one too… all four migrated.. the office space they all shared had to be turned to a meeting room