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Akon captured on bed with Celina Powell – Video



Nigeria News

Veteran Senegalese-American singer Akon captured on bed with Celina Powell, cheating on his five wives.

The singer was seen in the video sleeping while the lady made the tape, probably to serve as evidence that Akon was her latest victim.

Akon captured on bed with Celina Powell lailasnews 5

Celina has reportedly had sex with Offset, Snoop Dogg, Waka Flocka, and a host of other popular guys.

Celina, an Instagram model, has been known to expose all of her ex-rapper lovers by leaking photos of herself and them in their beds and Akon is the latest to be exposed.

Akon captured on bed with Celina Powell

Her previous victim was Snoop Dogg who she exposed some few months back and it all looks like the celebrities are the ones rushing after her.

Celia Powell’s name has been on many lips of late. Perhaps that’s exactly to her liking

A Youtube search of Celina Powell reveals plenty of similar titles. “IG Thot” is generally used as a chief descriptor.

One interview promises that she’ll be “exposing rappers”, and she shamelessly delivers on that front.

Watch the Video:


It was thought that when the responsibility of motherhood was upon her, there might be a chance that Celina’s prowling days were over. But it doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere ending as Akon has become her latest victim.

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