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Actress Precious Onah escapes ‘spiritual attack’ through scorpion

Nollywood actress, Precious Onah took to Instagram to share her testimony of escaping a ‘spiritual attack’ through a scorpion whose photo she shared.

According to Precious Onah, she found the scorpion dead without its head in her room. She added that her windows are always locked, and so can’t how the scorpion got into her room. Read what she wrote;

The word of God says that I shall trample upon serpents and scorpion and the angle of the Lord shall bear me up upon their wings less I dash my foot against a stone. U demon what ever pit of hell u r been sent from,where am seated is far above principalities and power. I found this scorpion in my room already dead and dry with the head cut off.meanwhile my windows are always locked. I give glory to God Almighty, my Alpha and omega

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