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‘Actor Charles Okocha charges N700k per Instagram post’



Nigeria News

A Nigerian businessman has revealed that Nollywood actor Charles Okocha, who has joined the growing list of Nigerian Instagram influencers, charges N700k to run advertisement campaigns on his page for brands.

The man had approached Charles so they could work together and when he learnt how it would cost him, he couldn’t stop himself from sharing the conversation on social media.

Nigerian man recounts his advert chat with actor Charles Okocha lailasnews

According to @kenifeanyii, Charles Okocha told him he charges N700K for adverts. Read what he wrote below;

I’m launching a new business this August. Sent Charles Okocha a message to know how much it cost to do a sponsored post on his IG Page. Baba Replied. “N700,000′


Nigerian man recounts his advert chat with actor Charles Okocha lailasnews 1

Recall that in a previous interview, Nollywood actor Charles who delved into social skits revealed the positive impact the advent of social media has on his career.

“Social media is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Although I still appreciate my movie background; social media has been the best.  I am making it big through social media. Of course, I am not trying to downgrade other platforms I’ve been on but social media has really increased my fan base.”

The MC and rapper who described himself as all round entertainer, also revealed how he discovered his hype man who always adds spice to his videos. Charles Okocha also emphasized in the interview that his comedy skits are meant to inspire people.

“My slogans come naturally and they are meant to inspire people. Just like my latest slogan called Identity, it is about motivating people to ensure they are identified with something tangible in life. For example, my identity is that I am an all round entertainer.

“I respect my hype man a lot, his role in my videos was a coincidence; it wasn’t planned. I used to do skits alone, so when my new car arrived; he was the one with the camera adding spice to what I said and that was how it all started,” he said.

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