70 year old man spends £12,000 to boost penis size

70 year old man spends £12,000 to boost penis size

A 70 year old man has spent £12,000 to boost penis size, and he has now reached the maximum amount doctors can inject. Age is just a number.

Eric Bell, says he has now hit he maximum amount of filler allowed and is now six inches after undergoing multiple non-surgical procedures.

The retired nurse, who is currently single, says he’s already signed up to a sixth procedure to ensure he doesn’t lose any inches as the effects of the filler are only temporary. He said:

“Most guys think of a needle down there with fear.

“When I initially went to talk to the doctors, I was apprehensive.

“But with the local anaesthetic, there’s nothing to fear, I’d tell all the lads to go for it.

“I used to look down and instantly feel depressed that my penis was too small.

“I haven’t been in a serious relationship before but now I’m dating much younger women and feel like my confidence is sky-high.”

He reckons his sex life was negatively impacted by his naturally small manhood, and says he was even prescribed Viagra at one point, but that he was still looking for a proper solution to the ‘problem’.

Eric is treated by a doctor at the Moorgate Andrology Clinic, in Doncaster and says he’s aware of the risks but is happy with the procedure. He added;

“People will make their own assumptions, but unless they’ve gone through it, they don’t know.

“Doing the treatment has made me confident and I’m happier than ever.”

David, managing director of Moorgate Andrology, said: “There is a limit and Eric has to be fit and well

“It is treatment that is injected, and it has to be done by a qualified doctor.

“As long as the expectations are realistic, and clients stick to the aftercare procedure, it can work well. This type of injection usually goes in the face, and it can move.

“There’s no sex for a month afterwards, and lumps and bumps can always appear.

“But Eric knows his own mind and is reasonable and a compliant patient.”

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