25-yr-old man arrested for repackaging bullets

25-yr-old man arrested for repackaging bullets

A 25-year-old Nigerian man identified as John Omosuanfo, has been arrested for producing bullets from expended cartridges in Edo State.

According to TheNation, the suspect was arrested at Iyoha village after one of his brothers used one of the bullet to shoot a rival cult member.

However, Omosuanfo claimed that he only used the bullets he manufactured, to hunt animals and not for armed robbery or cultism. John explained that attempt by his brother to lure one Lucky into the Jurist confraternity led to family fight and both parents were injured in the process He said;

“I pick expended cartridge and remove the under. I cover it back with slippers and load it with local gun power. I used it for hunting animals.

I don’t sell the bullets. I was arrested because my brother, Omomoh, used one of the cartridge to shoot some boys he was having issue with at a bar.

Omomoh brother told the boy to join Jurist but the boy said he would prefer to join Vikings.” My brother went to his house to make peace but fight started. The boys came to our house and use cutlass to cause injuries on our father.

“That was the reason my brother use the gun to shoot them.”

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