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HIV+ man mandated to notify Police 24 hours before having sex

A HIV-positive man who had unprotected sex with women after failing to tell them about his condition has been ordered by a court to notify police 24 hours before having sex.

Norman O’Neill, 44, was branded a ‘danger to women’ by a judge at Southampton Magistrates’ Court and slapped with a four-year Sexual Risk Order – and if he breaks it he could face up to five years in jail.

HIV+ man mandated to notify Police 24hours before having sex lailasnews 2
HIV+ man mandated to notify Police 24hours before having sex

He must contact officers and provide the details of each woman he plans on having sex with so police can warn them about his condition and is banned from inviting any women into his home unless he calls police first.

O’Neill was served with the order following a civil case brought by Hampshire Constabulary.

The court heard O’Neill, from Southampton, has not been convicted of any offence but is alleged to have put ‘vulnerable’ women at risk by engaging in unprotected sex without telling them he has HIV.

Detective Sergeant Craig Fielding, from Hampshire Constabulary, told the court O’Neill enticed women back to his home by promising them drugs and alcohol.

The court heard on one occasion a woman woke up to discover the lower half of her clothing had been removed.

She made a formal complaint but O’Neill denied raping her and there was insufficient evidence that sexual intercourse had taken place.

On another occasion a woman allegedly woke up to find her clothes torn and blood on her legs.

The court was told O’Neill locked her in the flat for several days.

He was arrested but denied committing any offences and the woman was not prepared to support a prosecution.

As a result of being subject of the order, O’Neill must inform women he has HIV before any sexual activity takes place.

The order also includes a curfew preventing O’Neill from leaving his home between 10pm and 7am.

Under the civil order O’Neill must not invite any woman into his home without giving police her name and contact details – giving officers the chance to call her in advance and issue an appropriate warning.

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