Jaywon Defends His Comment On Beverly Osus Controversial Nun Photoshoot Lailasnews.jpg

Jaywon defends his comment on Beverly Osu’s controversial nun photoshoot


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Jaywon defends his comment on Beverly Osu’s controversial nun photoshoot

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Nigerian singer, Jaywon has defended his comment on Beverly Osu’s controversial nun photoshoot.

Jaywon defends his comment on Beverly Osu's controversial nun photoshoot lailasnews

Jaywon, had earlier made this post on twitter about the photoshoot saying;

I really don’t see anything wrong with what beverly osu did. It’s left for her and God to judge but Nigerians always like to judge people once religion is involve. Leave your life and let others do their thing. the consequences is for them and not you.

Your pastors wey Dey collect stolen money from politicians no Dey disrespectful to Christianity?

The only thing that is bad here is the fact that bev is black. If na white girl dey smoke cigarettes with that look, would you say is bad ?

Aye ori mi ni mon je ma logba mi, eledumare lo se yi eru o BAMI. Only God got me so fuck the haters and the industry fakers lol.

Now in a recent interview, he opened up on why he had to comment on Beverly’s picture. He said;

“I commented because I feel whatever anybody does should be their business.

People always like to play the role of being God’s soldiers. People should learn to ignore some things and stop judging others; they should be bothered about their own relationship with God.

People just talk sometimes because they want to trend. I used to get emotional about people’s comments, but now it doesn’t weigh me down anymore .”

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