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Miss Earth contestant emerges 2nd, despite not knowing what ‘climate change’ is



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Miss Earth contestant emerges 2nd, despite not knowing what ‘climate change’ is

There’s been an outrage on social media, after a lady contesting for Miss Earth Nigeria emerged second in the beauty pageant, despite not knowing what  ‘climate change’ is.

Miss Earth contestant emerges 2nd, despite not knowing what 'climate change' is lailasnews

Calling out the organizers of the Miss Earth Pageantry, the act was described as a move that leaves the right people out of the picture, all because the mediocre models are given passes because they probably slept with one chairman. The post

According to 9ja_connectt, 90% of Nigerian models are pimped out to big men by their sponsors, and leaves people not having respect for models. Read the post below;

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Jesus Christ,
what is this world turning into?? Someone contesting for miss earth Nigeria does not know the meaning of ‘climate change’ ??? And she still came out second position. Where is this country going?? Corruption everywhere.
Why waste money on judges when you already have your winners?

Why not do some kinda cosmetic packaging by tutoring these people you want to win?

At least, tell them what kind of questions to expect Make sure they go through the possible answers
These shit makes us lol mediocre when we leave the shores of this land to compete internationally We don’t believe in merits
The right people are left behind while the mediocre ones are giving passes cos they probably slept with one chairman somewhere It can only be formalities if people were barred from entering the event with cameras

Why allow someone as unprepared as that to come near the second position for an event so important as this?

Climate change is a global affair and shouldn’t be treated like these guys just did This is why people lack respect for models 90% of Naija models are being pimped out to big men by their sponsors
This act of shame is bringing nothing but embarrassment to the modeling profession

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