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Download Music Mp3: Kojo Talr – Obaa Hemaa


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Download Music Mp3: Kojo Talr – Obaa Hemaa

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Young Afrobeats sensation, Kojo Talr, releases his highly-anticipated debut single, “Obaa Hemaa,” to the delight of the many patiently waiting fans. Kojo, the multi-talented younger brother of British musician of Ghanaian descent, Fuse ODG, has been working behind the scenes on some tracks for some years now.

“Obaa Hemaa” is a Twi word which is literally translated as “Queen”, and is used in this context as a pet-name for a woman of his heart. The title with its accompanying deep and romantic lyrics will strongly resonate with all lovers even including both the young and old, and can bring or rekindle that untold joy needed to nourish relationships and marriages.

The song climaxes by featuring a beautifully-arranged countermelody by a sax along with the vocal melody which provokes goosebumps on the body of the listener.

The song was produced by Mr. Midstrike. Certainly, we will have more to report on this Kojo Talr’s debut single as it is set to make strong waves in the industry.

Kojo Talr – Obaa Hemaa (Prod. by Mr. Midstrike)

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