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18-year-old girl bags 40 years jail sentence for killing 15-year-old love rival



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An 18-year-old girl Venus Romero Iraheta, who pleaded guilty to killing her love rival Damaris Reyes Rivas who she stabbed thirteen times before slicing off her tattoo and sending it to gang leaders in El Salvador, has bagged a 40 years jail sentence.

18-year-old girl sentenced to 40 years in jail for killing 15-year-old love rival lailasnews

The 18-year-old girl who is said to be an MS-13 gang member, reportedly killed her 15-year-old love rival in “revenge” for her boyfriend’s murder. Venue who was accused of shedding “crocodile tears” in a police interview in Fairfax, Virginia by prosecutors last year, believed that her love rival had a hand in her boyfriend’s murder.

Damaris was murdered after an alleged sting involving others members of the gang believed to be involved in at least 1,300 arrests and known for its extreme violence and funding its activities with drugs, sex trafficking and kidnap in Springfield, Virginia.

18-year-old girl sentenced to 40 years in jail for killing 15-year-old love rival lailasnews 1

The deceased whose corpse was found on the Potomac river near Dumfries, Virginia, was reportedly driven to an abandoned area near the city’s Lake Accotink Park in January, after being told she was going to meet Christian to smoke marijuana.

Venus who confronted her and further forced her to strip and stand in icy water before stabbing her to death, sliced a diamond tattoo symbolising her relationship off the teen’s body, sources close to the case claimed.

Iraheta, whose body shook with grief through much of the hearing, testified that she was remorseful for what she had done. When asked by her attorney to respond to testimonies of the deceased’s mother Maria Reyes going through hell, Iraheta said simply: “She’s probably right.”

“I know I have made the worst mistake of my life,” Iraheta said. “At night, while I’m sleeping I will wake up with these memories. They will come to me full force. I wish I could push them away.”