An 11-year-old student of Government Secondary School, in Calabar, Cross River state, has lost his life as he was electrocuted while being chased by some teachers.

11 year old student electrocuted while being chased by teachers lailasnews

His death has left his family in pains due to the tragic circumstance that led to his demise. .

Isaac Sunday Okon, who is the only son of a trader was killed by a naked electric wire, during the closing period of the school.

“Isaac is the only son of the family. Their father died since 2011. I am the only one struggling to take care of them,” his mom, Happiness Sunday Okon, said, in tears.

According to Calabarreporters, an eyewitness named Paul, who is also a student of the school said the incident happened when they were asked to pick up dirts littered around the school compound before going home.

“We were asked to come out and pick up pieces of papers and dirts littered around the school compound. The teachers were flogging us and it triggered fear and everyone was running.

Unknown to the boy, there was a high tension wire resting on a the ground at the far end of the school. He mistakenly stepped on it and got roasted,” Paul said.

He continued, “We that saw him started shouting and calling the teachers to at least call the PHEDC, but everyone said they don’t have airtime – if they’d called on time for the NEPA people to switch off their light, the boy wouldn’t have died.

Everyone was afraid to touch him, even the teachers that inadvertently caused the death. It was later, a group of people came and used wood to remove him and he was already dead.”

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